Author: Ross

  • Installing WordPress Coding Standards

    … as a project dependency. A problem I came across recently when working on a project with a colleague was setting up WordPress Coding Standards (WPCS) with PHP Code Sniffer (PHPCS). I already had it setup on my development machine, with PHPCS installed globally as well as the WP Coding Standards. But lets say we […]

  • Creating sidebars for the post and site editors

    There are multiple articles on how to create a sidebar in the block editor but something you might not have seen is how to do that for the site editor (aka Full Site Editing, aka FSE). It’s a nearly identical setup to create a sidebar for the site editor but it is not yet documented, […]

  • Creating Cron jobs in WordPress plugins

    This topic has been covered plenty already but I always find myself googling this or looking at an old codebase when I need to create cron jobs in WordPress. So this is more of a note to self (as I imagine many future posts will be) of how to do this as a self contained […]

  • How to add a Mastodon verified link without a plugin

    You can add Mastodon verified links to your WordPress site without using a plugin by adding a code snippet (below). If you’re not sure what a verified link is, they look like this, with the check: First make sure to use the core Mastodon social link block and add a link to your Mastodon profile: […]

  • Hello world 2023 edition

    If you’re seeing this message then its likely you’ve found this site while it’s still in development. This is currently a playground for testing out some new WordPress features (such as FSE) and occasionally blogging about WordPress and web development in general. So 👋 happy new year and bye for now.