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  • SlotFills and fillProps in the block editor

    When building blocks or working with the Gutenberg APIs you might have come across SlotFills. They’re really useful and allow you to insert components in different locations from seemingly disconnected parts of your application. A quick explanation The way it works is, a <Slot /> component will be added somewhere in an application – and…

  • Installing WordPress Coding Standards

    … as a project dependency. A problem I came across recently when working on a project with a colleague was setting up WordPress Coding Standards (WPCS) with PHP Code Sniffer (PHPCS). I already had it setup on my development machine, with PHPCS installed globally as well as the WP Coding Standards. But lets say we…

  • Hello world 2023 edition

    If you’re seeing this message then its likely you’ve found this site while it’s still in development. This is currently a playground for testing out some new WordPress features (such as FSE) and occasionally blogging about WordPress and web development in general. So 👋 happy new year and bye for now.